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StartUnited Kingdom Finish

After experiencing the emotions of saying goodbye to loved ones, untying lines at the start of th View Leg

StartBrazil Finish

Upon leaving South America the teams will be straight into the trade winds and long, rolling swel View Leg

StartSouth Africa Finish

After a parade of sail past the waving crowds, it’s out onto the waters of one of the world’s Gre View Leg

StartWestern Australia Finish

Leg 4 will challenge you in every way. The constant changing conditions, from brutal to mild, mea View Leg

StartEastern Australia Finish

This marathon race gives crew the most variety. Sailing so far south to north and across the Equa View Leg

StartUSA Finish

As you depart China, expect to be treated like a superhero as the media and spectators snap away, View Leg

StartNew York, USA Finish

Leg 7 begins under the eyes of the American media as Race 10 heads back out into the vast Pacific View Leg

StartLondon, UK Finish

While this might be the homeward bound leg, there is plenty of racing still to be had.  With more View Leg

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Start AUG 15 / Leg 1
Finish JUL 16 / Leg 8
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