GREAT Britain
Team Sponsor


Use its Clipper Race entry to support the GREAT Britain campaign which showcases the best of what Britain has to offer in order to encourage the world to visit, study, invest in, and do business with the UK; and more specifically to promote key campaign ‘pillars’ — Adventure, Sport and Business.


The well-known, government funded, campaign used its GREAT Britain yacht entry to spearhead a floating trade mission, supported by leading British brands, Jaguar, Land Rover, Grange Hotels and technology powerhouse, ARM Holdings. In each race port, the GREAT campaign and its partners worked with the local FCO and UK Trade and investment teams to create business opportunities through a variety of activations. Highlights included:

The GREAT Britain yacht naming ceremony, unveiled in Trafalgar Square, London, where an estimated 2.5m visitors saw the spectacle over the week.

A Foreign Commonwealth Office celebration hosted by Lord Marland, Parliamentary Secretary for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Chair of the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy’s Network at Race Start, London. The evening marked a celebration ahead of the start of the Clipper 13-14 Race and an opportunity for business connections to be forged at the early stages of partners’ round-the-world campaigns.


A maritime symposium and networking event at the 2016 Olympic Sailing Venue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where the GREAT Britain yacht was used to showcase products that were supplied and fitted by British Official Suppliers of the Clipper Race. UKTI Brazil published details on the nautical equipment suppliers, designed to promote British expertise to Brazilian decision makers in the marine sector and encourage trade.

Corporate sailing days with guests from political and business backgrounds, promotional kite shoots of the British branded yacht in front of iconic locations, and business networking receptions hosted by the Consul Generals in Cape Town, South Africa and Sydney, Australia. A networking reception for transport and infrastructure included business leaders and Government Ministers that were part of the first ever joint UK and IRL trade mission in Singapore.

A British brands showcase at the biggest mall in Qingdao, China demonstrated British creative and innovative strengths in retail across a range of sectors, and featured prominent brands such as Land Rover, Brompton and Marks & Spencer. The British Ambassador to China, Sebastian Wood, accompanied GREAT Britain crew members to see the Clipper Race feature in the exhibition.

GREAT Britain Team Partner, ARM Holdings hosted the first technology industry regatta in the history of the Clipper Race. ARM Holdings, a British based multinational semi-conductor and software design company, invited 60 guests from its partner brands including Samsung, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, for an exclusive hospitality experience racing the Clipper 70s in San Francisco Bay, USA. Afterwards guests attended an exclusive business networking reception.

Networking reception and launch of the GREAT campaign in Panama, Central America.

Clipper Race partners joined over 100 guests at a reception held in the heart of New York’s famous Financial District, co-hosted by Consul General Danny Lopez, and Sir Mark Lyall Grant, UK Ambassador to the UN. Representatives of UK companies based in New York and media outlets such as The New Yorker and CBS, heard about trade opportunities and received a unique tour of the GREAT Britain yacht with its race crew.

150 British Businesses Engaged

The twelve month campaign culminated at Race Finish with a Foreign Commonwealth Office reception in Whitehall, London which featured an exclusive live satellite video call to the GREAT Britain boat, just at it crossed the finish line of Race 16 in first place.

The state of Great Britain, as a major trading nation, was founded based on our nautical flair and sense of adventure.

The clipper race is a powerful partner in the international campaign of GREAT Britain, which promotes the best of British, competitive, international and cosmopolitan creativity. It was great to see the race leaving London for the first time and even better to see the flotilla was led by a british boat. I wish sir Robin Knox-Johnston well and all those taking part.

Prime Minister, The RT Hon David Cameron

Evaluation of results so far shows that the GREAT Britain campaign continues to make a significant economic and reputational impact, with measurable returns to date significantly exceeding the cost of the campaign.

An independent assessment of the GREAT Britain brand has provided a current value of approximately £100m, with potential to be worth £1.076bn, which would rank it within the UK’s top 100 brands.

News media exposure for the GREAT Britain campaign within the Clipper 2013-14 Race has been extensive, generating over 1,000 individual press reports, reaching a cumulative global audience in excess of 600 million people. This figure is projected to double with the international release of two TV documentaries on the race, distributed by BBC Worldwide.