Media Coverage

14 markets visited across 6 continents over 11 months. 206 countries will go online or tune in their TV’s and radio’s to follow the progress of the race.

From daily newspapers to consumer magazines, television news and feature programmes to online news and social networking sites that take the race to millions more people as the dramatic footage or commentary is shared amongst colleagues, friends and family, the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race manages to translate itself into millions of homes and thousands of boardrooms around the world.

Media coverage of the Clipper Race spans not only news and sport media, but also reaches the lifestyle, business, travel and technology sectors, allowing race partners to reach new consumers, build relevance and grow their media profile.

Prominent TV channels such as BBC One in the UK, Sakshi TV in India and NBC in North America have broadcast coverage of the race in peak viewing times. Whilst news publications such as The Sunday Telegraph, China Daily and Wall Street Journal have run stories updating readers on race action and the ensuing dramas as they unfold.

It is not just through traditional media that sponsor brands get to demonstrate their unique selling points, assets and market differentiators to billions of people around the world. On board satellite communication systems embedded in each yacht, provide the means for crew members of various nationalities and occupations to communicate their on-going adventure as it unfolds through video footage, images, blogs and telephone interviews, shared with the world through the living mediums of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Unlocking the power of the worlds media
  • News media coverage has doubled race-on-race for the past three editions
  • 23:1 ROI in PR value alone for the average Team Sponsor*
  • 4.4bn cumulative audience*
  • £1.1 billion PR value*
  • 11.5m page views
  • 977,910 YouTube views
  • Over 50,000 social media followers
  • 7259 media articles*
  • 1.6m Race Viewer hits
  • Two six-part TV series distributed by BBC worldwide

The Clipper Race operates in a unique way which has helped promote Qingdao.

Firstly it lasts a relatively long time, with a yacht decorated with Qingdao branding going around the world for a year. Secondly, the media coverage also contributes much to spreading Qingdao’s name and influence throughout the globe.

Wang Xiulin, Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government of Qingdao
Typical team sponsor media success
  • 1,243 news items
  • 713mn cumulative audience
  • £4.7mn advertising value equivalent
  • £14mn PR value
  • 9,500 social media followers