Team Sponsor ClipperTelemed+™ is a new telemedicine business for the maritime world, a joint venture between Clipper Ventures Plc and its Global Medical Emergency Support Partner, PRAXES Medical Group.

Launched in April 2015, ClipperTelemed+™ provides fast emergency and general medical support from PRAXES physicians based in Canada, to all seafarers, no matter how remote their location.

During the Clipper 2013-14 Race the PRAXES service proved invaluable to crew comfort and confidence. The number of medevacs and in-port hospital visits were vastly reduced, as were insurance claims.

By the end of the circumnavigation it was clear there was a need to provide this crucial service to the wider marine industry, to benefit everyone from solo ocean yachtsmen, to the crew of large cargo ships.

The ClipperTelemed+™ team will use the Clipper Race platform to take the business to many influential shipping and yachting hubs where it may not otherwise have had the opportunity to visit.

Tom Bettle, Business Development Manager for ClipperTelemed+™, said: “The business statement that ClipperTelemed+™ makes is that we provide GLOBAL – REMOTE – MEDICAL services wherever you are in the world.

“The Clipper Race is truly global and passes through some of the most remote oceans in the world.  For the crew it is simply the race of their lives. They are challenging themselves to their limits. They are true adventurers.

Tom added: “The highly-trained physicians at ClipperTelemed+™ are there to support all our crew through the extreme conditions they will face. We will be with them wherever they dare.”