IchorCoal is a first-time Team Sponsor and aims to grow its global visibility as it increases its coal production significantly.

Ichor Coal N.V. is an international mining company focusing on thermal coal exploration, production and mining in South Africa. IchorCoal owns and operates its own coal resources as well as holding minority equity positions in various coal mining entities.

CEO Nonkululeko Nyembezi-Heita explained the reason behind the Clipper Race partnership: “We have an excellent team of people from diverse backgrounds that make up our group of experienced coal miners, process specialists and administrators that are being guided by an industry-respected leadership.

“The team is working to ensure that our strategic objective of IchorCoal becoming the leading dedicated producer of thermal coal in sub-Saharan Africa becomes a reality in the very near future.

“It is the same concept of team work, dedication and alignment to a goal by ordinary people that has been the key driver in IchorCoal’s commitment to support this year’s Clipper Race. The diverse team of people that make up our crew has the same excitement and devotion that I see in our team at IchorCoal, and this can only ensure a successful race for everybody.”

IchorCoal also believes youth skills development is essential to provide the foundations for future leadership success. The company has given its full support to the Sapinda Rainbow Foundation and the eight young ambassadors from challenging backgrounds across South Africa who will sail on board IchorCoal as part of the Sapinda Rainbow relay team.

The Sapinda Rainbow Foundation is fundraising for the continued development of the Ndlovu Care Group, a charity tackling the AIDS epidemic worldwide.