Mission Performance

Coaching the performance lessons from extreme environments to businesses is at the heart of what Mission Performance does. 

Their diverse team is made up of Arctic explorers, mountaineers, elite sports coaches, ocean yacht racers and rowers, decorated military officers, theatre directors and actors.   

These facilitators deliver high impact development programmes to enable people, teams and organisations to perform beyond expectation. They deliver learning solutions to help solve strategic challenges and exploit specific business opportunities.

As a result of Mission Performance’s debut in the Clipper 2013-14 Race the business was able to develop a number of relationships with key partners that would not otherwise have been possible. 

Director Rob Lewis said: 

“Performance in the Clipper Race is linked to the people and not technology. The global nature of the race enables us to exploit specific markets for our products and services. The opportunity to conduct additional research into the performance lessons of the race is also invaluable.'

'The sea does not discriminate between amateur and professional sailors' as Sir Robin often explains. 

Facing the challenges of the race requires courage and commitment to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. We share this ethos at Mission Performance and believe that with the right preparation and mental attitude anything is possible. 

Other professional yacht races appeal to a different set of values. The Clipper Race is the people’s race and has a far deeper significance for all those associated with it.”