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Sometimes you can’t call 911. Even in the world’s most remote locations, all seafarers can reduce their risk and protect crew health with ClipperTelemed+

Providing remote medical services to all seafarers, wherever they dare, is the essential service driven by the powerful joint venture between Canada’s foremost remote telemedicine provider, PRAXES Medical and Clipper Ventures plc, owners of the world’s leading yacht racing brand, the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Building on 18 years of service leadership to the remotest areas in Canada, the ClipperTelemed+ service can now be subscribed to “on demand” for short-term access, by annual agreement, for each vessel or fleet contract around the world.


Better care Lower cost

EMdoc enhances seafarer’s medical care whilst simultaneously reducing long term cost of provision. A topside service providing access to fully qualified emergency physicians within 5 minutes, wherever you are, in any language.

Recover quicker

OHdoc is an occupational health service for ongoing treatment aiding in rapid recovery and saving considerably on visits to onshore clinics and time off duty.

Reliable pharmaceutical supply

Audits of your vessel’s medical equipment, anywhere in the world, to help guarantee the safety of all on board. ClipperTelemed+ can supply and replenish WHO and Cat A through to Cat C medical kits along with essential medical equipment wherever your vessel operates.

Tailored Healthcare Management

EMwerx™/ ©, our proprietary software package ensures high level secure access to crew personal health records and simultaneous translation services; a leap forward in aiding diagnosis. EMwerx can be provided as a simple to use, customisable and tailored healthcare portal for fleet operators.

Telemed Ship

ClipperTelemed+ The Greatest Catch

“Clearwater, Canada’s largest commercial fishing fleet, depends on technical innovation to bring a traditional industry into the modern business world.”

“Using this technology we have not only reduced the number of expensive vessel diversions, but significantly improved our ‘at sea’ medical support, and our ranking with WCB and saved in excess of $500,000 annually.”

Colin MacDonald, Chairman
Clearwater Seafoods

ClipperTelemed+ Wherever they dared

“We used the ClipperTelemed+ service on our recent voyage in Antarctica. Our vessel carried 12 crew and passengers.”

“Their wellbeing is utmost in our mind. Having the ClipperTelemed+ service in place brought great piece of mind to me and the rest of the crew. We have rebooked the service and recommend it to mariners as the best way of dealing with medical incidents at sea. ”

Judy Robertson, RYA Yacht Master Instructor
Member of The Cruising Club of America
Meet The Team
Jeremy Knight

Jeremy Knight
COO, Clipper Ventures PLC

Jeremy joined Clipper Ventures in 1998 inspired after his circumnavigation in the race. Today he still regularly takes part in JOG and RORC racing as well as sailing with the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

As a member of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors he has a thorough understanding of the RCD, MLC and the MCA SCV coding requirements. A career within in finance and operations management with some of the world’s largest brands sees Jeremy as Chief Operating Officer of Clipper Ventures Plc and part of the management team at ClipperTelemed+ helping to ensure that its customers receive the very best of service.

Tom Bettle

Tom Bettle
Business Development Mgr, ClipperTelemed+

Tom’s business career of nearly thirty years has primarily been in sales and business development within various industry sectors from medical to IT. Since 2002 Tom has been working within the maritime industry and he comes to ClipperTelemed+ from maritime intelligence.

Tom is a focused maritime professional, former bridge officer, navigator and ocean motor yacht skipper and he maintains professional tickets to this day. Maintaining current qualifications enables Tom to have good maritime domain awareness and a thorough understanding of SOLAS, STCW and also the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention. Tom prides himself in gaining absolute customer satisfaction.


+44 (0) 7775 420377

Dr. John Ross B.SC, MD, FRCPC

Dr. John Ross B.SC, MD, FRCPC
Medical Director, Praxes Medical Group

Dr. Ross oversees all aspects of PRAXES’ exceptional service delivery ensuring it seamlessly transfers to maritime clients of ClipperTelemed+.Dr. Ross’ is responsible for all clinical services and the development of medical protocols used in delivery of service, hiring, training and review of medical personnel, and medical case review.

Dr. Ross heads a team of highly experienced and highly skilled medical practitioners each recruited due to their unique ability to work under pressure within the unique environment of the remote telemedicine surgery.

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ClipperTelemed+ is the proven global remote medical service that saves lives at sea. Whether you are the business manager of an international fleet, superyacht captain, or a solo ocean yachtsman, we expect you to demand the best service and immediate response. We will contact you by return. Get in touch to learn more about the benefits of the ClipperTelemed+ remote medical support and services.

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Thank you for your enquiry. A member of the ClipperTelemed+ business team will be in touch to discuss your specific interests shortly.